Happy March 2nd!?

This post will seem a bit like the old “dear diary” entries I used to try to write a long time ago – “I’m sorry, Journal, that I haven’t written in awhile. Things have been crazy-busy around here! But there are lots of fun things I need to update you on. I promise to keep you updated more often.”

Here goes my grown-up job version of this – in bullet form to make it easier to read/write:

This past month has been a crazy whirlwind full of exciting things!

  • January newsletter was a great success across all locales! Email stats of open and click-through rates were at – or many times higher – than industry standards, meaning our readers like our newsletter and find the content interesting.
  • We’re almost to 4 million email subscribers (last year at this time: < 0.5 million)
  • As of yesterday – we’re now live with our new Email Service Provider, Exact Target (sign up forms live, emails triggering, house-file database migrated, templates currently being loaded in).
  • We had fun spreading the Firefox love with our Valentine’s Day email campaign.
  • “Awesomeness” newsletter-reply email inbox cleaned out, and plans are underway to organize and streamline this channel of communication (blog post about this to be posted soon)
  • February newsletter sent successfully on Leap Day!
    • Social sharing links for Facebook and Twitter included in EN version for each major article
  • Email Archive bug is filed and goal established to launch in Q2
  • March email newsletter creation is underway for a launch date on 3/28
  • Updated email newsletter creation process to allow proper time for stakeholder feedback, and localization time for our teams.
    • Currently working on way for localization teams to better guide content for localized newsletters.
  • Indonesian “Firefox & You” team is ready to start translating
  • Hungarian “Firefox & You” documents translated
  • Beginning to develop plans for the Russian “Firefox & You” newsletter
  • Marketing Collective launched and awesome people from all around the world are applying to get involved in Engagement/Marketing activities of Mozilla.

Stay tuned for more :)


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