11 locales and 27+ localizers?!

I don’t know about you, but the month of April flew by!  Before we embark on May, I have to post some truly exciting things that have happened in the last several weeks.

We currently have 5 email newsletter locales:

Those newsletter subscriber numbers are growing (approaching 5 million total), and we’re working on ways to further promote this resource to our Firefox users – especially the localized versions.

In January, we started working on the localization preparation to launch Hungarian and Indonesian.

Last month (March), we got the ball rolling to launch the Russian locale.

But that’s not all that’s cooking.

This month we have started working on laying the groundwork to launch “Firefox & You” in Japanese, Chinese, and Bengali.

Talk about craziness!

What’s even crazier than 11 locales gaining traction in a matter of weeks?

It’s all happening because of the work of over 27 (and counting!) awesome contributors.

27. Awesome. Contributors.

I must give a special shout out to each and every one of these inspiring individuals:

Thank you for being awesome and for your hard work and enthusiasm to bring localized versions of “Firefox & You” to Firefox users in your country and/or who speak your language. It is an absolute pleasure to work with you all. And to those who are working on locales already launched, it is incredibly exciting to see how many people enjoy and engage with our Firefox newsletter content across the world.

Onwards into May we go!  Who knows what this next month will bring.


4 million emails a month!?

In last week’s post I mentioned that across all of our email newsletter lists, we send over 4 million emails a month – and this number is only growing.

This might spark some more questions like “How in the world can we send 4 million emails a month?” or “Is it possible to send 4 million emails a month without getting blocked by spam filters?” or “Do you have tools to monitor deliverability?”

These are all excellent questions that can be answered by three important facts:

  1. We use a great Email Service Provider (ESP) – Exact Target
  2. We have our own dedicated IP addresses from which we send our email campaigns
  3. We are smart about how we engage with our Firefox & You subscribers via email

I can go into the role of an ESP (they communicate to email domains and ISPs on behalf of our 2 dedicated IP addresses, throttle our email sending to a rate at which a particular domain/ISP can accept it, handle spam complaints, unsubscribes, hard & soft bounces, etc.) vs. responsibility of the email marketer using an ESP (send to 100% opt-in subscriber lists, send only good and relevant content that matches what the subscriber sent to, don’t send too much mail, etc.) – but I’m just too giddy to write about anything else other than the deliverability tools we get to use in Exact Target.

To show how slap-happy I get re: deliverability metrics, check out this photo Jane snapped of Winston and me the day we dove into the Inbox Tools:


Yes – I get that excited about deliverability metrics. (And yes – those are 2 My Little Pony ponies)

Exact Target has all the tools needed to monitor:

  • the rate at which our emails are being accepted at different domains
  • deliverability by ISP broken down by Country
  • the % of emails that make it to the inbox vs. % that make it into bulk

Even cooler is that we can set up custom alerts to email us if there is a deliverability problem (Ie: less than x% of emails don’t make it to the Inbox, or x% are being delivered to bulk, etc).

I’m drooling – but then life gets even better.

Exact Target integrates with Return Path!  Return Path is THE #1 resource for all things email deliverability. They rate and score your IP’s deliverability, monitor if your IP address is listed on a blocklist, and keep track of your spam complaints per volume of email sent.

How can this get even better?

This is how: if there are any problems we happen to run into, Exact Target AND Return Path work with us to pinpoint the problem and talk to the ISP to solve the problem.

I’m in love…with deliverability tools!

And that my friend, is in a nutshell of how we’re able to send 4 million emails a month and make sure that every email is delivered successfully.