11 locales and 27+ localizers?!

I don’t know about you, but the month of April flew by!  Before we embark on May, I have to post some truly exciting things that have happened in the last several weeks.

We currently have 5 email newsletter locales:

Those newsletter subscriber numbers are growing (approaching 5 million total), and we’re working on ways to further promote this resource to our Firefox users – especially the localized versions.

In January, we started working on the localization preparation to launch Hungarian and Indonesian.

Last month (March), we got the ball rolling to launch the Russian locale.

But that’s not all that’s cooking.

This month we have started working on laying the groundwork to launch “Firefox & You” in Japanese, Chinese, and Bengali.

Talk about craziness!

What’s even crazier than 11 locales gaining traction in a matter of weeks?

It’s all happening because of the work of over 27 (and counting!) awesome contributors.

27. Awesome. Contributors.

I must give a special shout out to each and every one of these inspiring individuals:

Thank you for being awesome and for your hard work and enthusiasm to bring localized versions of “Firefox & You” to Firefox users in your country and/or who speak your language. It is an absolute pleasure to work with you all. And to those who are working on locales already launched, it is incredibly exciting to see how many people enjoy and engage with our Firefox newsletter content across the world.

Onwards into May we go!  Who knows what this next month will bring.


3 responses to “11 locales and 27+ localizers?!

  1. This is great. I think it would be really interesting to hear some of your thoughts about how the team came together and any tips you have for other people wanting to work with a large group of volunteers.

    If you have a chance to come to one of the Grow Mozilla meetings (the next one is this Thursday at 10) this could also be a good topic for discussion there.


    • Of course my main reason to localize this newsletter is to try and give its suscribers the best possible message in their own language. But comparing with various other localization tasks I happen to indulge in, I find this little work quite interesting and special because Jessilyn and her team:
      – trust us
      – listen to our observations
      – are to a certain extent responsive to our suggestions
      Maybe David Boswell has some hints here about how to have more contributors enjoying team work.

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