Firefox & You – Now in Russian and Indonesian!

The email newsletter sign-up forms for “Firefox и вы” and “Firefox & Anda” are now live and ready for subscribers as of noon Wednesday PDT!

This project has been many months in the making, and would not have happened without the hard work, patience and persistence of our Russian team, Oksana and Yury, and Indonesian team, Benny and Romi – nor without the hard work of web developer extraordinaires: Pascal and Rik.

The best part of this successful launch? As soon as I emailed the teams to let them know we were live, they immediately replied: “Yay!  When can we start promoting it?”  To which I said “Now! Go for it! :D”

And here’s what happened –

Benny tweeted (Note the translation means “New from the oven:” – awesome.) :


Oksana took over Mozilla Russia’s communication channels with posts on, Twitter,, and Facebook:

Mozilla Russia Facebook

In the coming weeks we will work together to find ways to promote these newsletter opportunities to our users (I’m looking at you about:home snippets, and what’s new and first run pages) and prepare for our first newsletter launch October 30th.  Please feel free to share the sign-up links far and wide!

The “Firefox & You” newsletter is one of the main ways we communicate with our Firefox users to empower them to stay safe online and help them get the most out of their Firefox.  By truly localizing the newsletter content, the relationship and email content becomes a million times more relevant and meaningful.

This is a huge step forward in making sure we’re developing relationships and engaging with our Firefox users worldwide.

Indonesian and Russian are the latest 2 locales to be added to the current 5 languages of “Firefox & You”: English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese.

What’s up next? Chinese, Japanese, and Bengali.

Let’s rock-n-roll.


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